Smart rental guarantee

Since its creation in 2007, many agencies have trusted SmartCaution.
Today, SmartCaution SA has collaborated with a strong network of real estate partners throughout Switzerland.
Our mission is to provide services that make life easier for tenants and landlords.
We help them to quickly access a rental guarantee of quality and one which is more affordable.
In the space of a decade, thousands of people and businesses have been supported by SmartCaution.
The rent guarantee distributed by SmartCaution SA is based on a cooperation agreement between SmartCaution SA (an intermediary linked to an insurance company) and Generali Assurance. Generali is an insurance company monitored by FINMA (the supervisory authority of the Swiss financial market).
SmartCaution SA radiates professionalism, seriousness and speed.

Lower prices: a winning pricing policy

At a time when prices are rising, SmartCaution applies a new decreasing price according to the house moving date of the tenant (registration premiums allat Sfr. 25.- to Sfr. p. 120-). A radical and unmatched reduction for the benefit of its tenants.

Quality and speed are our key priorities.

Our requirements can be summarized in 3 figures:
- 100% satisfaction for the tenants,
- 100% satisfaction for the landlords,
- 100% satisfaction for the agencies.

We focus on the quality and speed of our services:
- Fast and simple registration,
- Online payment,
- Immediate response,
- Issue of certificates the same day,
- Payment of claims in 48h.

Frédéric Rossat – General Manager

An experienced team at your service

Our employees will be glad to see you to at our premises from Monday to Friday from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 17h

Pascale Klein

Karine Angelloz-Nicoud